Vegetable Garden

For Everyone

This project involved 12 boys, most boys attending every session. The boys were involved in every aspect of the project from the planning, budgeting and design of the garden through to construction. The area selected for the project was the former vegetable growing area that used to host the gardening club but had recently become overgrown. The boys were given the opportunity to develop the area, the constraints being financial (900 for materials plus whatever else they could raise) and aesthetic (the school wanted the design to fit in with the surrounding area). The project was funded by the School Sports Co-ordinator Scheme - Tonbridge.Due to the heavy nature of the soil on site the garden consists of 4 raised beds filled with imported topsoil, improving drainage and increasing the variety of plants that could be grown. At the centre is a pond. Between the beds and surrounding the pond is a paving slab and shingle path. Two sleeper benches have also been constructed.