"Thank you John, the children had a great week and created a wonderful addition to the playground"


"All of the children absolutely loved the experience and some of our less academic children really shone with the practical work"

"The Tonbridge & West Kent SSP have worked successfully on numerous projects with Creative Outdoors over the past five years.  Creative Outdoors has worked with over 30 schools on sensory gardens, active spaces, memorial and healthy gardens.

The reason we believe Creative Outdoors is such an excellent project is that the pupils are involved in the whole project from planning and budgeting for resources through to the building and planning stage to the review and further management of the garden/space. Creative Outdoors encourages the pupils to take ownership of their projects which gives them a huge amount of pride in their work and the determination to look after the space and use it correctly once Creative Outdoors has finished its work. They have worked with all ages from 5 to 18 years, with all types of pupils – pupils with severe learning difficulties to disaffected students and leadership pupils, all of whom have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Teachers have reported that it has had excellent effects on pupils’ self-esteem, confidence and communication. This is largely due to John Blithe’s attitude towards them, his calm exterior, his trust and patience with them, whilst keeping activities structured and disciplined.

Creative Outdoors has been a welcome addition to our School Sports Partnership and which is proven by the waiting lists of schools waiting to use him, the fundraising that schools do to enable them to use them and, most importantly, the smiling faces of pupils we see whilst working on creative, active and healthy outdoor areas at their schools."
Claudine Fulton - Partnership Development Manager,
Tonbridge and West Kent School Sports Partnership