Hayesbrook School

March 8th - July 12th 2007 (13 days)

The aim of the project at the Hayesbrook School was to involve pupils who have had difficulties engaging in mainstream activities in the design and construction of a garden area within the grounds of the school. The area chosen was an unused area of grass adjacent to the tennis courts towards the rear of the school. Apart from 5 trees, the area was flat and featureless. The group consisted of 9 boys in year 9. The materials budget for the garden was 1400, provided by the School Sports Co-ordinator Scheme - Tonbridge. From the initial planning session the boys decided they wanted to include "areas for nature", willow structures, a pond, arches, stone, bamboo, in a "different but natural" "enchanted garden" style that would "make it look nice" and that would "be blended in". The boys' list of what they wanted to achieve from the project included: . "how to lay stuff" . "building benches and walls, planting" . having ownership or "want to be proud of it" . "I want it to be a good, successful thing" The finished garden comprised a number of raised beds planted with relatively low maintenance plants attractive to wildlife. Through the central area runs a shingle and paver footpath linking a willow arch to a willow dome seating area. At one end is a fence planted with a native species hedge. Letter from school